The levTools are a set of abstractions for Purr Data, primarily designed for teaching or studying electronic music. Nevertheless, they have a huge creative potential for experienced pd-users or computer musicians in general. The flexible and open character of the modular toolset allows multiple approaches to Instrument and Sound Design. The levTools are open source software.

The levTools on Github.


Meyer is an experimental sequencer written in purr data. While delivering the usual tried and true functions, it features several interesting and even some unique qualities, i.e. the mutation or the random generation of sequences.


A small additive synthesizer for Pure Data. His "sine tone mixtures" are intended to emulate the sound aesthetics of german electro-acoustic music from the middle of the 20th century. The instrument was created on the occasion of a workshop series on Bernd-Alois Zimmermann and his piece "Tratto", realized in 1966.


Three Software-instruments for Purr Data, designed to teach and learn elektronic music and its technical basics. They are free and open source and designed for an action oriented music education, including concepts of independent learning. The instruments feature so-called explanation-patches, that are interactive. Several aspects of electronic sounds are explained, visualized and clarified by examples here.