Automaten is tired. He creates decelerated sound experiments, careful and enthralling.


Dancing ferrofluid. Choreography and video: Franziska Baumgartner / music and tech: Me.

weißes rauschen

Singing sodium acetate crystals. Experiment and video: Franziska Baumgartner / Sound and tech: Me.


A contemporary music box and a very nice sound installation.


A lullaby sung for and by my daughter Nika at an age of 6 months.

global climate strike

One-man marching band - performance at the Global Climate Strike '21 in Berlin on September, 24th.

you are never alone

A piece for a browser on YouTube.


A minute's break disguised as a sound installation.


A drony sound installation based on the coronavirus data recorded by the RKI in Germany during the year 2020.

i've got the music in me

An interactive sound installation for radio. Just chose a radio station. The extended radio transforms the received signal into music.

i've got the music in me II

An online sound installation for YouTube. The User chooses a video and the extension transforms the sound into music.


An interactive sound installation for ripped apart piano and window. A joint venture with Franziska Baumgartner.


256 values are enough! Antänne demands a general reduction to 8 Bit max. Furthermore they're bitching at the highest level about certain dischords in modern life. Antänne is a band project with Piotr Niedwetzki und Barbara Heinemann.

Here one can marvel at Antänne's very handy setup.

ronny problemo

Mundane songs with german lyrics dealing with melancholy in times of total technology.


This world is such a perfect place to be told.

dr. ludwig - ein podcast-roman

A Podcast about the soon enough best selling german dime novel series 'Dr. Ludwig' (something like: Ludwig, M.D.). An adventurous joint venture with Sebastian Sturzbecher.

la voyage dans la lune

A scoring of the beautiful silent movie 'la voyage dans la lune' by George Méliès

berlin - symphony of a great city

A scoring of the movie 'Berlin - symphony of a great city' by Walter Ruthmann. It emerged from a dream-like cooperation with Christian Jacobs under the Name Flimmer

tapes (2009-2014)

A collection of some smaller Pieces of Soundart.

never, never forget / the badonviller step

Two closely linked works dealing with german fascism.

Never, NEVER forget (THIS ONE HAS UNFORTUNATELY BEEN BLOCKED BY YOUTUBE) : The Nazi-Propaganda film "Thriumph of the will", which is often described as one of the most der influential works of the Nazi-director Leni Riefenstahl, becomes the music video for the song "Never Forget" by Take That, often described as one of the greatest hits of the legendary boygroup.

The badonviller Step: This is a remix of Adolf Hitler's favourite piece of marching music, the 'Badenweiller (once: Badonviller) Marsch'. This piece was often played at big propaganda events in Nazi Germany.

zooooo soundsystem

Mashups! This DJ-Set is based on the question: How many famous songs can be mixed into one without risking serious trauma?


A DJ-Set made from marvellous Chiptunes and Sci-Fi Trash.


Freakfolk. A former Project merging melancholic folk melancholischen Folk and drony noise.

anda[nd anything else]

A fromer Band project with the wonderful Lars Kämpf, which kept me pretty busy for a few years. It combines performative media art with folk music.

the war of the worlds - it's time for another apocalypse

An hourly apocalypse accompanied by music made of redundant information and other medial noise, embedded in a sculpture made from dead radios and cable routes. The War Of The Worlds [ - it's about time for another apocalypse] is a chamber hearplay for 8 radios. It is based on the famous radioplay of the same name, broadcasted live by Orson Welles and the Mercury Theatre on the Air in 1938.

emil, emil, emil.

This documentary was made in 2011. It deals with a harshly meglected, because very special and somewhat weird chapter in the history of music: In the wild 70ies, Emil Penning was one of the best-known characters of the local music scene in the rather small and boring town Oldenburg in northern Germany. Emil has experienced a lot a so he has a lot of stories to tell. The movie is in german and has no english subtitles.